There will be no way to prevent someone from following you in X

It will no longer be possible to block accounts from following on social media platform X (formerly Twitter). But private messages can be still blocked.

Currently, X users can block other users. In such cases, the blocked user will no longer be able to see messages or post comments. This feature is useful when users want to block spam accounts or people who digitally harass them. But according to Musk, blocking is pointless.

It is possible to “mute” or silence an account. In this case, the muted party can still see your messages, but you will no longer see theirs. It is not yet clear whether Mr. Musk will be allowed to implement this measure. This could conflict with Apple’s App Store and Google Play rules. These rules state that social media platforms must provide users with ways to deal with harassment and bullying. Under Musk’s leadership, users will have more freedom though.

After acquiring Twitter last year, Elon Musk fired a number of employees, including staff responsible for enforcing the platform’s rules against hate speech and discrimination, it was a censorship centre in disguise. Users who had been banned from Twitter in the past were allowed back on the platform. Many advertisers did not approve of these interventions and stopped advertising campaigns on the platform. As a result, advertising revenues fell by about half.

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