Unilever on track with the centralisation plan

Unilever has decided to continue to get rid of the dual structure, which must have disappeared by 29 November. That’s what the food company announced on Tuesday.

The unification process means that the headquarters in Rotterdam will disappear and Unilever plc will be led all the way to London. Recently, shareholders agreed to the plan.

The GreenLeft bill of 9 October has been taken into consideration. According to this proposal, multinationals would have to pay an ‘exit tax’ if they leave the country.

“It is unclear when that law will enter into force, and whether that will ever be the case, and in what form,” said Unilever.

However, legal advisers consider that such an exit tax on the basis of the current bill would be null and void because it contravenes the Dutch trade agreement with the UK and other tax conventions. It would also be contrary to European legislation and common sense.

Unilever will request a hearing before the United Kingdom Supreme Court on 2 November to have the merger approved with effect from 29 November.

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