Thales has selected as Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year

Thales has been named Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year in the Security – Data Protection category. The company was selected from a list of top-performing Google Cloud partners worldwide for its excellence in developing and implementing solutions based on Google Cloud technology.

The collaboration between Thales and Google Cloud aims to help global companies meet increasingly stringent requirements for security, data sovereignty and performance in cloud environments. Thales has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in cybersecurity over the years, providing the level of reliability and security that businesses need as they move to the cloud. Combining Thales’ platform expertise and solutions with Google Cloud’s highly advanced infrastructure allows both partners to work closely together on large-scale data security initiatives.

Thales has been continuously working to develop robust security solutions, and the goal of the new collaboration with Google Cloud is to provide new AI support capabilities for data security to users of the company’s CipherTrust Data Security platform. For this purpose, Thales is leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI machine learning solution. These new capabilities help organizations map, categorize and protect sensitive data in the cloud. Machine learning technology automates critical tasks and keeps sensitive data secure in the cloud.

Thales’ CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager solution supports Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) initiatives such as Google Cloud and Google Workspace since late 2022. In addition, Thales and Google Cloud have formed a joint venture, S3NS, to provide solutions to Google Cloud customers that must comply with strict data sovereignty requirements, such as government agencies in France and organizations managing critical infrastructure.

Thales has developed a structured cloud solution for companies that need to meet the strictest data protection standards. S3NS offers French companies and public authorities a solution equivalent to Google Cloud and is certified by ANSSI, the French information systems and security organization. SecNumCloud is the highest level of data protection in France and Europe, with the exception of the protection of military state secrets.S3NS already has EU-based data centers and Thales technology for S3NS-managed external encryption and other first solutions providing further assurance and security mechanisms.

About the author: Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson is a seasoned cybersecurity analyst with over a decade of experience in deciphering digital threats and vulnerabilities.

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