Socialists are likely winning Ecuador’s presidential election

Ecuador’s presidential election has entered the second round. After all votes have been counted, no candidate has secured a majority.

Luisa González and Daniel Noboa Azín will face each other in this second round. González was already considered a candidate. She was a party colleague of former President Rafael Correa and the only woman to enter the presidential race.

In the first round, González received 33% of the vote and Noboa 24%.

Christian Zurita, running to replace Fernando Villavicencio, who died last week during assassination attack, received 16% of the vote. As a result, he was excluded from the second round.

The ballots had already been printed when Villavicencio was shot during an election event in the capital Quito. As a result, the votes marked next to Villavicencio’s name were transferred to his successor Zurita.

Luisa Magdalena González Alcivar, born on November 22, 1977, is an Ecuadorian politician and attorney who is currently a candidate for the presidency of Ecuador in the 2023 general election. In the 2021 legislative elections, she secured a seat in the National Assembly as a representative of the Province of Manabi.

González has held diverse roles within the government of Rafael Correa, spanning from 2007 to 2017. Prior to her entry into politics, she worked as the Ecuadorian general counsel in Spain. During the Rafael Correa administration, she briefly assumed the role of Secretary of Public Administration from January to May 2017. Furthermore, she occupied various positions within the Tourism Ministry in the Correa government.

Born on November 30, 1987, Daniel Roy-Gilchrist Noboa Azin is an Ecuadorian business administrator, politician, and entrepreneur within the banana industry. His political stance lies in the moderate to center-left range of the political spectrum. He is actively participating as a candidate in the upcoming 2023 Ecuadorian general election.

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