Secret document on the Defender’s ‘Innocent passage’ op found dumped in a trash pile

Important security documents with details about the British Army were found at a bus stop England, the BBC reported Sunday.

Categorized documents include plans for a British military presence in Afghanistan and a discussion of the possibilities. Russian the BBC reports that the British warship HMS Defender sailed by sea last week from the Crimean coast.

A member of the public who did not want to be named contacted him on Tuesday after discovering a pile of documents – about 50 pages in total – on a trash pile behind a bus stop in Southeast Kent. London.

According to the Department of Defense, an employee lost documents last week.

“The Department of Information Security takes it very seriously and an investigation has started,” says a statement. “Any further comment is inappropriate.”

HMS Defender regretted Russia’s Army sailed Wednesday through a Black Sea region south of the Crimean peninsula Moscow says its territorial waters. Many countries including: UK., do not accept the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 Ukraine consider that area Ukrainian water.

Russia one of its warships claimed to have fired warning shots in response to the destroyer’s invasion, but Britain denied the story and said the warship was not in Russian waters. The Ministry of Defense said that the ship “operated innocently in Ukrainian territorial waters under international law”.

About the author: Mia Patel

Mia Patel is a investigative journalist with a passion for unveiling the truth behind complex security breaches. With a background in investigative reporting and a knack for meticulous research, Mia has a track record of exposing corporate misconduct, government cover-ups, and online scams.

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