Russian diplomat car was stuffed with bugs

In a Russian diplomat’s car in the Netherlands equipment has been found to monitor the car. That’s what the Russian State Department reports.

According to the ministry, that’s a violation of international conventions. ‘Such unfriendly actions complicate the already difficult relationship between the two countries’, is stated in a statement.

Dominique Kuhling, the Dutch deputy ambassador to Moscow, has been summoned by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“She was told that comprehensive measures must be taken immediately to prevent such incidents,” writes the Russian Ministry.

It is not clear from the statement whether Moscow thinks that the Netherlands has installed the equipment itself or that the deputy ambassador has been summoned because the incident took place in the Netherlands.

Prime Minister Rutte doesn’t want to say much about the news.

“I can’t comment on that, I saw the messages.”A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says: “We have seen the reports and now we are investigating what is going on.”

According to correspondent David Jan Godfroid, it is very difficult to assess whether the Russian accusations are true.

“I have no doubt that the Dutch intelligence services are following Russian diplomats-and certainly military attach├ęs. But whether that goes so far as putting tracking devices in cars, I can’t judge that.”

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