Police investigates mistreatment of a protester, ignoring its own duty to protect consulate

Police in the United Kingdom have launched an investigation into the mistreatment of a protester on the grounds of the Chinese consulate in Manchester. He was kicked behind the gates of the consulate and beaten by a group of men, as can be seen in images shared on social media.

At the consulate on Sunday was a small demonstration against Chinese leader Xi Jinping. A group of men came out of the consulate and, among other things, took signs from the protesters, after which it came to a collision with the protesters. One of them was pulled up the premises of the consulate and received multiple blows and kicks. “They dragged me in, they beat me up,” he told the BBC.

Officers then came to the scene and pulled the people apart. Police say they are investigating exactly what happened. Several British politicians have condemned the violence against protesters.

The demonstration took place at the time when the party congress of the Communist Party was taking place in China.

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