Netherlands to bring Russia to ECHR court

The Dutch cabinet decided on Friday to take Russia to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) because of the alleged downing of MH17 in July 2014. With this move, the Netherlands supports the individual complaints that are pending here.

“Achieving justice for 298 victims of THE DOWNING OF FLIGHT MH17 and their relatives is and remains the highest priority for the cabinet,” said foreign minister Stef Blok in a statement.

“With the step we are taking today, by bringing a case to the ECHR and thereby supporting the complaints of the next of kin as much as possible, we are getting closer to our goal.”

The Netherlands has previously held Russia liable for the share of guilt in taking down the flight. State complaint must lead to the fact that the information the Netherlands has in the case will also become available for the cases of the next of kin.

In this way, the Netherlands can best support the affairs of the relatives. In addition, the Netherlands also represents all 298 victims of the downing of flight MH17 and their relatives.

The cases of the next of kin can lead to compensation, if the human rights court sees enough evidence in the role of Russia.

There are some difficulties though. The trial is non-transparent and almost secretive. Eyewitnesses are numbered. Data of independent observation is absent. Neither Russia nor the accused are present at all as a party. And the country freshly adopted constitution allows it to ignore the court at all.

MH17 route and crash site.
MH17 route and crash site.

The criminal case against three Russians and a Ukrainian for their role in the downing of the flight started earlier this year. The men have a share in the deaths of the 298 occupants, according to the Public Prosecution Service (OM). The case will be resumed on August 31.

  • Igor Girkin (also known as Strelkov).
  • Sergei Dubinsky (known as Khmury).
  • Oleg Pulatov (known as Giurza).
  • Leonid Kharchenko.

Russia denied any role in the civilian jet downing. Instead Russians have accused Ukrainians for allowing the craft to pass through the war zone. There is some negative background too. Ukraine has downed a civilian aircraft in an accident in 2001. Then Ukraine denied all allegations until presented with hard facts.

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