Member of the Metropolitan Police confesses in multiple rapes

A British agent who worked for an elite unit of the London Police has confessed at his trial that in 17 years he raped 12 women a total of 24 times. The man was arrested in October 2021. The ruling will follow in February.

Meanwhile, 48-year-old David Carrick was a member of the unit of the Metropolitan Police (Met) responsible for the protection of Parliament and diplomatic missions in the capital. He was arrested in October 2021.

Today, during a trial in London, he confessed to raping 12 women a total of 24 times in the period from 2003 to 2020, British media report. In December last year he had already confessed to 20 rapes, today there were 4 more. In total, he confessed to 49 crimes against women. He also pleaded guilty to 9 sexual assaults, 2 attempted rapes and 3 kidnappings.

In all those years, his misconduct was reported to the Met 9 times. He was screened twice by the Met and then even promoted to the elite unit he worked for until recently.

“This is one of the most shocking cases that the prosecution has had to deal with involving a police officer in office,” said Jaswant Narwal, the chief prosecutor of the prosecution. “The scale of his crimes is appalling,” she added.

“Carrick was convincing, but also incredibly manipulative. At a first meeting, he charmed the victims. And he often used his position as a police officer to prevent them from running away or turning him in, suggesting that it would be their word against his and that they would not be believed,” Narwal said.

A hearing will be held tomorrow with the findings of the study. On February 6, the court will give its verdict. More victims are expected to report. The Metropolitan Police have since apologised for Carrick’s negligence.

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