Lucien Laviscount seen as James Bond? Why not after Liz Truss as a PM!

After it became known that Daniel Craig would no longer return as James Bond, there were already many rumours about who would succeed him. Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill, among others, were already linked to the role. According to the latest rumors, Emily in Paris actor Lucien Laviscount would also be an option.

An article by The Mail on Sunday newspaper shows that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli would have been very impressed by his performance in this Netflix hit. Yet it would not be self-evident if Laviscount were to play the spy.

In 2011, he appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. This does not play into his favour, because previous 007 actors had previously participated only in more serious projects.

Broccoli had previously indicated that they will now take a different path with the spy films. Perhaps that is why the former reality star still has a chance for this coveted role.

The next James Bond will probably not be seen until 2025 or 2026. So they still have some time to find Craig’s successor.

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