James Bond tries virtually every British car in the latest film

In the latest James Bond movie ‘No Time To Die’, The English spy besides many Aston Martins also uses Land Rovers. The manufacturer presents a limited James Bond edition of the Defender in honour of this performance.

For 38 years, the producers of James Bond’s films have been working with the British car manufacturer. In the film’s teasers, 007 also drives two Range Rovers Sport SVR, a Range Rover Classic and a Land Rover Series III.

The Land Rover Defender James Bond can be ordered as short 90 and 110. There is no choice of power train. It always features a 5.0-liter V8 with supercharger, good for 525 hp. The most powerful Defender ever sprints from 0 to 100 km/ h in 5.2 seconds and only stops accelerating at 240 km/h.

In terms of performance, nothing changes to the 007 version, only the design has been addressed. The All-Black Defender wears 22-inch alloy wheels and has striking Xenon Blue calipers.

If you walk towards your Defender in the evening, you will be welcomed by a 007 logo that shines from the mirror to the floor. Because you know spies are all about being trendy and standing out of the crowd. The entry list on the sill and the ’one of 300′ badge in the interior also indicates that you are driving a special edition. If you then Start the car, the infotainment system shows a James Bond boot animation.

In total, only 300 copies of the fully black 007 version will be built.

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