How flipping sweet, but what about the skydiving Afghans?

The British government has authorized British veteran Paul Farthing to evacuate about two hundred cats and dogs from an asylum in the Afghan capital Kabul.

Farthing served in Afghanistan during the international military mission there and after his service opened an animal shelter in the country. Through a crowdfunding campaign Farthing managed to finance a flight to get his staff and their families, as well as the animals, out of Afghanistan.

British Defence minister Ben Wallace said earlier that an animal flight was inappropriate, as many people in Afghanistan are trying to flee the new Taliban regime. Also, Farthing’s plane might be in the way at the airport.

Wallace has now announced that the veteran’s staff can be helped at the airport. Once the personnel data has been processed, Farthing’s device can get a place. The veteran has offered to transport the animals in the luggage compartment, so that Afghan evacuees can also board the aircraft with 250 seats.

Farthing and the staff are also allowed to board a flight of the British Air Force, but without the dogs and cats.

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