Hackers target LinkedIn accounts in a mass assault, motives unclear

Hackers are currently launching widespread attacks on LinkedIn accounts worldwide. According to cybersecurity experts from Cyberint, the attacks follow distinct patterns and are causing significant disruptions for users.

According to Cyberint’s researchers, LinkedIn accounts are being targeted globally at the moment. Victims are experiencing substantial inconvenience, including losing access to their accounts and encountering blocked accounts. In addition, some victims are being forced to pay ransom to regain access, while others have their accounts permanently deleted.
Two Scenarios

The attacks follow two consistent scenarios. In the first scenario, an account is temporarily blocked by LinkedIn itself due to suspicious activity or hacking attempts. Affected users receive an official email from LinkedIn informing them of the security measure.

For example, the hackers may have attempted to breach accounts using two-factor authentication or brute force password attacks. End users are instructed to verify their accounts and change passwords to regain access.

The second scenario involves actual hacking of the account. In this case, the hackers make it impossible for the victim to independently regain access to the account. Once the hackers gain access, they change the associated email address to a randomly generated one and then change the password. This effectively prevents the victim from recovering the account.a

In some cases, victims received subsequent emails demanding ransom for access restoration. Other accounts were immediately erased.
Motives Unknown

The motives of the hackers remain unclear, according to Cyberint’s researchers. However, the impact of these attacks is substantial. LinkedIn has not yet issued an official response.

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