EU Data protection agency asks users and developers to avoid Google services

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) has advised the Ministry of Justice, schools and universities not to use Google’s email and cloud services.

Google services are widely used in education. But the AP says that educational institutions do not know how and where the personal data of students and students are processed and stored. The supervisor says that the processing of the information is therefore “not lawful”.

The Ministry of Justice does not use Google services. This was negotiated, writes the FD. The AP recommends that the services be put into operation only after “fundamental questions” have been answered.

Authorities, governments and companies are themselves responsible for complying with the European privacy law GDPR. They themselves analyse the risks associated with the processing of data, even if they use software from another party. If matters remain unclear, they can take their own research and analysis to the AP for advice.

Meanwhile, the ministry, the education domes and the IT-dome for academics are in consultation with Google. The parties urgently appeal to the social responsibility of the tech company.

A Google spokesperson said on the occasion: “We are sure to solve the problems quickly so that educational institutions can continue to use Google services and enter the public sector.” The company also says it is committed to the European privacy law.

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