AstraZeneca still dreams of making COVID-19 vaccine

Pharmaceutical AstraZeneca still expects to be able to present the test results of his COVID-19 vaccine by the end of this year, as reported in a trade update. The Anglo-Swedish company is one of the advanced pharmaceutical companies with its means of controlling the coronavirus.

With the development of the potential Covid-19 vaccine, in which it acts together with the University of Oxford, the company managed to secure billions in financial resources. Several deals have also been made on the supply of the drug. European countries have already reserved millions of doses at AstraZeneca.

While AstraZeneca continued to take steps with the virus study, the company also managed to score well with its extensive pharmaceutical portfolio. The demand for medicines increased although medical admittances and diagnostics were discouraged as a result of the pandemic.

Product sales, excluding payments from cooperative associations, rose by 7 percent in the third quarter of the year to 6.5 billion dollars. The profit per share was at 0.94 dollars a little less than what experts in general took into account.

For the whole year, the group takes into account a turnover increase of 7 to 12 percent. The company is also counting on a much higher profit.

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