Twitter may follow his own XCheck policy

Nicky Minaj post wasn’t labelled as ‘misinformation’ – it may point out that not all users created equal. Twitter does not act against a tweet in which singer Nicki Minaj writes that she knows someone who has become infertile due to a Coronavirus vaccine. The tweet does not violate the rules of the social medium, a platform spokesperson tells.

In the tweet, Minaj writes that her followers should think carefully about taking a vaccine against the coronavirus. The person she writes about would have developed swollen testicles after receiving a Coronavirus vaccine.

Then the person in question would have become infertile. However, the relationship between the vaccine and the infertility described by Minaj is unknown.

The fact that Twitter does not act against the tweet is remarkable. Twitter started labelling ‘misinformation’ about coronavirus vaccines in March. The CDC, writes that there is clearly no scientific connection between infertility and coronavirus vaccination.

Why the tweet falls outside the ‘disinformation’ label of the social medium is unclear.

Earlier it became known that Facebook maintains the list of individuals that are exempt from strict community policies. This list, called XCheck, consist of high-profile influencers of a certain political bias. It may happen, that Twitter is also protecting some people for similar reasons.

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