The Baazov Brothers

The Baazov Brothers: Scammers of the modern Age

The gambling industry has brought many outstanding gamers’ names who could hit the jackpot several times and win big. Due to the IT development rhythm, more businesses have appeared in the gaming and entertainment industry. Like any other fast-growing area, it has encountered highs and lows on its way to promotion. But legitimacy has played a significant role in it.

One of those remarkable names is David Baazov, whose popularity has brought a questionable reputation since 2010. At that time, he was well-known as a king of poker, and at the same time, he was a successful businessman. Also, he was involved in high-profile scandals and charged with various scam deals.

This young and intelligent person from Canada seemed to do everything right and made strides. He founded a new Amaya Gaming company in 2010, which revenue exceeded $6 million. In addition, he created a plan of designing unique game software and additional tools and could fulfill his plan by setting up various small firms. Later, he improved his partnership skills by collaborating with other giant companies, creating various businesses that brought fame.

David Baazov gained wide popularity in the gaming world, and it made representatives of different regulatory structures draw more attention to his business flow. The businessman owned a big deal of companies, and his revenue seemed sky-high for such a short period. Since then, Canadian regulatory structures embarked on investigating David’s business portfolio and financial turnovers. However, they found that not everything went smoothly. For instance, there was an occasion when David was accused of trading using insider information by the Financial Markets Commission (AMF) in 2016. He denied all the charges towards him and promised to prove his innocence. But his efforts drew a blank. Then, he was fired from the position of director in the company. Later, it was rebranded to Star Group.

But it was not the end of his scamming plan. There was another person engaged in it, and it was his brother Josh (also called Ofer). According to certain reports, David regularly passed inside information about the company he founded to Josh and his partner Levett. As a result, they kept an illegal way of earning money and could handle around $1,5 million.

Ofer, with his partner Levett, was already known for bad fame in the gambling sphere. And various AMF reports confirm it. Moreover, in 2017 the additional report showed up that the Amaya company was under Ofer’s control, not by David’s. He, along with Levett, owned 75% of the company. Ofer was charged with a range of cases: drug possession, scamming with the prize drawing in a TV shop, etc. He could avoid imprisonment but was sentenced to pay compensations to victims. Even after so many accuses, these guys didn’t give up on scamming.

In 2014, Baazov was accused of bribing the governor of New York with an illegal donation of $25,000 for the election campaign of Andrew Cuomo. Then, the Baazov brothers were noticed in another continent, Africa.

In 2017, they carried out the M-Lotto and Kwachu 6/48 lotteries in Kenya, cooperating with the non-profit organization Lion’s Heart Self Help. Counterparts agreed that 25% of the proceeds would be included in charity. But the representatives of Lion’s Heart Self Help never saw the money. The scammer David Baazov was accused, but it didn’t put an end to their fraud and illegal actions.

Everything started so promisingly, if not the criminal activities provided by the Baazov brothers. Due to their actions, they had to be punished more seriously, but every time they were barely sentenced to pay compensations for big losses. These guys are extremely dangerous to collaborate with. Every businessman in the gambling area should be familiar with these scammers to avoid financial issues of the business in the future.

About the author: Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson is a seasoned cybersecurity analyst with over a decade of experience in deciphering digital threats and vulnerabilities.

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