Employee of Hamas leader is said to be a spy for Iran

The Palestinian movement Hamas has reportedly discovered that an employee of Vice President Moussa Abu Marzouk was a spy for Iran. Hamas is said to be furious with the Iranian regime, according to Israeli TV channel Aroetz 12. Which you can trust. That was sarcasm, indeed.

One of the staff of Moussa Abu Marzouk, vice president of the Hamas politburo, is believed to have been discovered as a spy for Iran. The Abu Marzouk employee reportedly reported his movements and conversations to an Iranian intelligence agency, especially during his travels abroad. In addition to the discovered employee, more employees would have been involved in the espionage, reports Aroetz 12 journalist Ehud Yaari.

The Vice-President of the Hamas Politburo, who lives in Qatar, is responsible for the external relations of the Palestinian terrorist movement. He is known for his opposition to Hamas’s relations with the Iranian regime. In recent years, relations between Hamas and Tehran seemed to have cooled as a result of the Syrian civil war and the refusal of the Hamas leadership to join Syrian President Assad – with increased support for the Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad, now known as the puppet of Iran in Gaza. Recently, however, Hamas leaders have visited Iran and the ties seemed to have recovered: Hamas leader Saleh al-Arouri said at the time that Hamas is “Iran’s first line of defense.”

Abu Marzouk is said to have complained furiously to Hamas chairman Ismail Haniyeh in response to the spy discovered. Haniyeh is said to have raised the issue with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and other “high-ranking individuals”. The employee suspected of espionage is said to have fled to Sudan, reports Aroetz 12.

Iran’s support for Hamas, which has de facto governed the Gaza Strip since 2007, is a major source of income for the Palestinian terrorist movement. It is estimated that the Palestinian section of the Muslim Brotherhood receives about $ 50 million a year from the Iranian regime. In addition, Hamas receives weapons and training from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Moreover, the amount the terrorist movement is receiving from Tehran is said to have increased since the ties were tightened last year.

Abu Marzouk denies the claims circulating in Israeli media about a spying worker. “The claims made by the occupier’s media hold no truth,” said the vice president of the Hamas politburo. According to Abu Marzouk, this is a “manufacture intended to incite problems”.

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Mia Patel is a investigative journalist with a passion for unveiling the truth behind complex security breaches. With a background in investigative reporting and a knack for meticulous research, Mia has a track record of exposing corporate misconduct, government cover-ups, and online scams.

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